No Turning Back is a feature-length documentary exploring the life of Jesus “Chuy” Llanos, ex-Latin King gang leader as well as his redemptive work in the Round Lake, IL community to rescue kids and young adults from the type of life he fell into. It will follow him in his journey to relaunch a formerly thriving ministry that was shut down because of COVID restrictions.​

Why This Film?

In 2021 Pastor and Filmmaker Arman Sheffey began developing a vision for a series of documentaries telling the stories of the work God has been doing amongst the poor and marginalized in his region and abroad. 

The decision to start with Chuy’s story was largely based on the relationship that the two of them share as well as the timing around the goal of relaunching the ministry, G.L.I.F.E. which is a basketball outreach program. Chuy’s organization, Frontline Street Intervention, has struggled to get back into the swing of things after months of being hindered by COVID. As you’ll discover in the documentary, some circumstances occurred that prompted the resurgence of the work. Now it’s time to tell the story God is writing.



Though it is not listed as an official perk, the purpose behind this, and ALL of the films in this series, is introducing different marginalized people to the world and inviting people to a newer level of concern for them as well as a celebration of God’s work among them. God is doing the heavy lifting, we just want to broadcast His work far and wide in compelling ways.

About the Filmmaker

Arman Sheffey, also lovingly known as Pastor Fury, has worked in video production for over a decade with diverse experience also including recording and producing a hip-hop album, multiple stage performances, and a number of digital works of art. No Turning Back, his latest creative endeavor promises to be spiritually compelling and creatively engaging as is each project he undertakes. This is his debut documentary but the first of many in a series, “Stories from the Edges,” focusing on the stories of what God is doing amongst the many people who are lost in the shadows of society. This is now their time to shine.

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Why Fundraising?


We will finish and release the film if no other money is given towards it, but how much we can do and how far its reach will be are tied directly to your support. We have prayers and plans that we will reach $10,000 to allow us to hire editors, color graders, and sound designers, as well as the insurance needed to help us secure widespread distribution.

However, our initial goal of $2,500 will at least cover the following:

  • Final Days of  Filming Expenses (Gear rental/purchase + travel costs)

  • Basic Post-production.

  • Film festival and some marketing expenses.



    How Does It Work?

    Crowdsourcing is a pretty simple concept. You make your pledge based on which rewards you want, and when the film is finished (or during filming for some rewards) we will send you what you pledged for. Unlike Kickstarter, Indigogo allows us to move forward and receive your pledge no matter if we reach our stated goal or not. While we are hopeful to receive what we need in full, the film is structured in such a way that we will be able to continue filming no matter what we bring in. This is a story that needs to be told, and we will walk forward in faith no matter what. This is God’s movie, and He will provide more than enough!


    Other Ways You Can Help

    Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

    1. Share the campaign and/or the website to let others know.
    2. Pray for the campaign and the impact of the film.

    Featured Supporter Perks

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    Claiming this perk will get you a digital download code during the pre-sale period of the film’s release. As a supporter, you will also be added to the Stories from the Edges mailing list, so that you can be updated on the progress of the film.


    Special Thanks in FILM

    All the previous perks, plus Special Thanks included in the credits of the movie. There will be a bonus scene at the end of the film so people will likely stick around to see your name scroll by.


    Deluxe Edition (Digital Copy)

    All the previous perks, plus the Deluxe Edition of the movie, sent before its official release. The Deluxe edition will contain extra content, interviews, stories, behind-the-scenes, etc.


    Appear in Film (Video Clip)

    All the previous perks, plus will be able to be in the film as a video in the end credits. The video will be a very brief pre-recorded clip that you record using a phone or any device you chose.

    Film Updates

    Thanks and an Update!

    Thanks and an Update!

    YAY! We are in our final weeks of filming and the final weeks of the support campaign. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE SUPPORTERS SO FAR!!! This means we can now cover... Travel and Gear expenses related to our final days of filming Full-length Film editing & Coloring...

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